About "Uncle Glenn"

By age 20 (1963) Glenn was selling rebuilt foreign car generators,starters and voltage regulators throughout the US East of the Mississippi. So began an eventful career of many decades in this profession of auto electric rebuilding " rotating electrical".

Glenn had businesses in KY and FL (3 shops in each state) at different times. Generally speaking throughout his career Glenn always strived for the highest quality and that was priority number one. Personal motto "one can't do business from an empty wagon" and "defects aren't an option". Attention to detail of function, appearance and the insight into rebuilding a unit "to out last Glenn, the owner and the grand kids".

After semi-retirement in his mid 50's found his way to a small shop in Wichita KS as consultant for 6 months. This has turned into a 13 year stint and evolved into specializing in the restoration and repair of antique generators and starters for mostly automotive and marine applications. These units are sold worldwide and everything rebuilt with Glenn's name on it and was rebuilt by him alone. All the units in the pic archive were produced by Glenn.

The huge inventory of NOS electrical repair parts and used generators and starters to rebuild weren't bought to sell but for his use when needed.

Had he planned his career to end like this it would not have come to pass. Life has its odd twists and turns - this part of Glenn's career is a gift. Having the opportunity to work on the history of ones profession, interact with some of the most interesting, talented people on this planet many of which have become friends, what more could one ask for.

Glenn has acquired references for his work nationally and internationally. If someone has questions about any aspect of Glenn's work there is likely someone in that country that can attest to the quality and professionalism that Glenn offers.


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