Vintage Equipment
  The starter load test bench IPM 7555 pictured above was manufactured in the late 50's-early
60's. I have been using this design tester for over 40 yrs in my various shops. This tester puts more load on your starter than your engine does. This tester is set up
to test 6 or 12V starters at their working voltage. All our remanufactured starters have to pass this test. When this tester says the numbers are right they
are right!!
  The solenoid test bench Crumbliss 1831 pictured above was manufactured in the mid 70's. All our 6 or 12V solenoids new, rebuilt or refurbished have to pass this testers load tests. This tester checks the pull in coil, hold in coil and disc current abilities of all types of solenoids we use. Using the actual voltages applied produces a seriously decent product.

The generator voltage regulator test bench Crumbliss 2420 was likely manufactured in the 60's sometime. I was using this testers little brother 1800-A in the 60's rebuilding Lucas generator regulators which we sold all over the US. That was a really decent tester this thing is awesome!! Before we acquired it, its home was a production generator regulator rebuilding factory. It's still in fantastic condition and we can dial in antique/vintage voltage regulators under actual working to perfection. All the voltage regulators/cutouts that we sell NOS, remanufactured or refurbished have to pass the load conditions this tester can place
on them. When they do, they work like new on your vehicle


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