BGC Bosch starter fitting late 30's BMW 327/328

GKM Bosch generator fitting 300 series Mercedes

GKM Bosch generator fitting 300 series Mercedes

All our Bosch generators are rebuilt using new armatures, field coils, bearings and
brushes. The brushes we use are manufactured in Europe and are the proper hardness for the voltage in use. The shinny bits are either new or replated. We
use no silver/aluminum paint on our generators.

The generator pictured is a 12 volt small case Porsche. We have 6 volt Porsche generators available which look and are remanufactured in the same manner.

V W 25HP and early Porsche generator
Bosch RED 130/6/2500 AL 16 w/D Bosch regulator

Mercedes 190 series 1956-63 Bosch generator LJ/GEG 160/12/2500 R8
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